Saltdean Up & Over Garage Doors

'Up & Over' describes garage doors that lift up vertically and pivot at the top. These have a central handle and are the most common type of garage door.

They are available in Steel, Timber, GRP and ABS materials. With this door type fitted you can take advantage of a large drive-though width, as the opened door is nearly flush with the frame.

Secure Up & Over Doors for Garages in Saltdean BN2

Many garage doors have up to four latches to improve garage security. When upgrading to an automatic up-and-over door, a de-latching system will need to be employed to ensure maximum protection.

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Up & Over Garage Door Types:

Saltdean Canopy Garage Doors

This type of garage door swings outwards as it opens (but not so much as a retractable door) it then slides and tilts upwards into the ceiling of your garage leaving one-third of the door protruding outside the garage and taking up less room inside.

Pivot points are located two-thirds of the way down the door, which helps improve the security of the door. Pre-framed versions are available.

Canopy doors are the easiest to install as the entire door mounts to the frame and no tracks are required inside the garage. The down side is that automating a canopy door is not recommended.

Saltdean Retractable Garage Doors

If you don't want a third of the garage door to stick out when in the open position, we offer a fully retractable up-and-over mechanism. With this design, the door swings further outwards as it opens, but then slides away fully into the top of your garage.

These doors are fairly easy to install with spring assemblies being fitted to the side frames and tracks to the top which support the top of the door, the latter being secured a couple of meters into your garage.

They are however the easiest type of door to automate with any electric opener being suitable.

Up-&-Over Garage Door Materials

Canopy and retractable garage doors have options in timber, steel, GRP fibreglass and ABS plastic. Each material has its own benefits:

Timber Up-And-Over Garage Doors

The traditional beauty of natural wood gives a real touch of class to your Saltdean up & over garage door. 'Up and over' type garage doors are usually mounted on a steel chassis for strength.

Woods commonly used are solid cedar and marine ply, which are usually environmentally FSC sourced. You will of course need to maintain your timber up and over door through the years as per the manufacturer’s instructions.

Available pre-stained at the factory or unstained to allow you to match other timber on your Saltdean property

Guaranteed Premium Quality Up & Over Garage Doors

All of the garage doors supplied are of the highest quality on the market. If anything was to go wrong with your up-and-over door in Saltdean, within the first year of installation, you can call us for solutions.

Where possible, Empire will aim to fix your door the same day. If you require any garage door repairs then don't hesitate to call.

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